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Can the no-key request limit be increased to 1000 for a certain amount of time?

Can the no-API-key request limit be increased to 1000 for a certain amount of time - maybe 1-2 weeks?
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Update the default filter editor to use the API key

When I run a sample query using the SE API browser (is that right term?), say against /questions for example (here), I'll always see something to the effect of: ... "quota_remaining": 9424, "...
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What's the relation between access_token, key, quota_max, and throttling?

From How API Keys Work (FAQ) I read that the limit of requests per day per IP is 300 without a registered key, or 10000 with it. And this is what I see by experimenting myself: since I've not ...
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How to get all tags' descriptions from the Stack Exchange API directly?

I know I can get one tag description by request such as "". But if I use it more than hundreds of times, I will get a ...
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Do my users need to be logged in, for quota?

I am building an application and want to showcase relevant Stack Overflow questions. I have made the request and getting a response, but its responding with a quota value: "quota_max": 300, "...
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