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Why and how to make use of API key and credentials Stack Overflow API? [duplicate]

I am in need of using the Stack Overflow API for my website. I've gone through the documentation and I got the API key and client credentials. But my question is, I am able to send my question through ...
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How to make unlimited requests to API [duplicate]

I wanted to make unlimited call to the API to retrieve/update the threads. Is there any way to do so? I understand "Without a key you can make 300 requests per day, with a key you can make 10,000 ...
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Py-StackExchange: An API wrapper for Python

UPDATE: 2.x support is now mainline! Please read the wiki page for important information about the update. A warm welcome to you, traveller. You have arrived at the home of Py-StackExchange, the ...
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API "Hello World" code

The Stack Exchange API is based on HTTP and URLs, just like the web page you're browsing now. Except instead of HTML, the responses are all in JSON. Let's say we wanted to call the /info method: https:...
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Google App Engine [app]s - We are all on the same quota!

Noticing a couple of "This IP has exceeded the request-per-day limit" errors on StackPrinter log, I asked for a verification and the prompt answer was: There are a number of [app]s using Google ...
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Is there a limit of API requests?

Our development community wants to use Stackoverflow: We used the Stackoverflow REST APIs to display the most recent requests on http://...
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How to make a Stack Exchange API call, using my key

I have a Meteor application and I'm making API calls like: var urlString = ""+surl; ("GET", urlString, {params:{site:"stackoverflow"}}, function (...
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Why is my API quota not resetting after UTC reset?

According to How API Keys Work, the default daily API limit -- which is per site, per day -- is 300. I started with 300, as expected, but over a period of days, I've noticed that the remaining quota ...
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Where is the usage documentation?

I know this is probably a dumb question, but there's a bunch of documentation and I don't know what to do with this stuff. How do you use the API?
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Can I apply the API Key first and do the application later?

I don't have an application to submit at the moment, but can I apply the key first?
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Is the Stack API daily quota of 10,000 a hard limit, or can it be increased?

We are developing an indexer that will be used to store and serve up questions/answers related to our products. The indexer uses a key (and soon an access_token) to retrieve the data from Stack ...
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API key limit increase support

One of the things that came up in the discussion on this question was the fact that the 10K limits might not be enough for websites that want to use the SE API. It might be a good idea to add a ...
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rate-limit per endpoint per IP VS. server apps in hosted environments

I was wondering if the scenario of a server based app that lives in a hosted environment, where a single IP can be shared by many web sites. As I understand the rate-limit as it stands, every site on ...
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What is the root cause for too many request issue?

I am getting the following error when importing questions under a particular tag name: {"error_id":502,"error_message":"too many requests from this IP, more requests available in 56100 seconds"...
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Count of API Daily limits on different family sites

API daily limits: Key: 10,000 No Key: 300 How these caps are calculated daily, hitting different family sites? 300/10,000 requests on Stack Overflow + 300/10,000 requests on ...
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