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How to convert unix timestamp to .NET DateTime

What is the format of the "creation_date" that is returned from a search of questions? I've been looking all over here and can't figure it out. I want to convert it to a regular DateTime ...
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OBSOLETE - Soapi.FindUser - Quickly find a any Stack Exchange user

OBSOLETE: has been down since at least 2012. Soapi.FindUser About Soapi.FindUser is a tiny .NET 3.5 application that searches all Stack Exchange sites for users by name with the provided ...
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OBSOLETE - Soapi.Explore (silverlight) - The entire API at your command

OBSOLETE: has been down since at least 2012. Soapi.Explore SL About Soapi.Explore SL is a Silverlight based annotated test harness for the Stack Exchange API. All API methods and ...
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OBSOLETE - Soapi.JS : fluent JavaScript client library for the Stack Exchange API

OBSOLETE This library uses the old API, and the domain doesn't work anymore. There's still an archive on CodePlex. Soapi.js If you are looking for a full featured, compact JavaScript ...
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OBSOLETE - SOREP: Trilogy Site Ranking - For those who need to know

Note, all of the app links, below, are dead. And the domain is parked. SOREP is a service that does a nightly index of all users ordered by reputation and makes that information available via REST. ...
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Why API Version 2.2 returns null always while getting questions list?

The below 2 codes returns null always. How to get the list of questions using API Version 2.2? Question thisPost = context.Official .StackApps .Questions.ById(1) .WithComments(true) .First(); var ...
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Can there be a way to find a user given his email hash?

Given a user's email, it would be great if we could hash it and search for that user with it. The reason for this is suppose: Someone has a website On that website, they invite SO users to enter ...
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API compliant request throttle implementations

Balancing compliance with Request Throttling Limits with maximum allowable throughput in our applications and libraries with any reliability requires self-throttling. This post is meant to be a repo ...
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Posting questions and answers via API

I am new to StackApps. I have created an account and I have got an API key. Now my question is, how can I access user accounts? I'm interested in posted questions and answers. Is there a way to post ...
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Soapi.JS2: a fully relational JavaScript client library for the Stack Exchange API - beta preview

Soapi.JS2 var context = new Soapi.ApiContext(yourApiKey); context.initialize(function() { context.official.stackApps .Users().ById(14) .invoke(function(users) { ...
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How to monitor API version and site state

I want to make an application in which the used API will automatically be updated when a newer version is released. What is the procedure to check if a newer version is available or not? How can I ...
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3k views - everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. (about an SE user. almost.)

About All Stack Exchange users at your fingertips. The core of this application is a robust data acquisition and maintenance platform based on Soapi.CS that reliably and ...
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Stackoverflow as an app on Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone 7?

Do you know of an app for Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone 7 that let me use and hast most (if not all) features of the site itself. Maybe there is one currently in development? ...
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SOREP V2: Ranked Flair Take 2

SOREP V2: Ranked and aggregated flair About SOREP V2 is a flair service that is built upon the StackUser platform that provides ranked flair, both in standard layout and themes as well as custom ...
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How do I find a user based upon email hash?

I'm looking for specific guidance on how to locate a user on SO by email address. I'll use this information to work with the API and determine how many points they have on the site.

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