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OBSOLETE - StackAd Scroller

Screenshot About StackAd Scroller is a small web application that scrolls the open source ads from this Meta question. It is highly configurable and makes a nice page to leave your web browser open ...
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OBSOLETE - SOAPI-PARAM-EXAM: A flat sortable, filterable list of all parameters in the Stack Overflow api

OBSOLETE: the website is down SOAPI-PARAM-EXAM SOAPI-PARAM-EXAM is a little scooby snack of a tool that lets you get your eyes on all of the parameters in the api. This is useful for ...
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Exterminators - Bugs and Features, Present and Past and those who brought them to light.

Exterminators About Exterminators is a simple aggregate of bugs and feature requests with a per-user breakdown with a weighted score thrown in for fun. Bugs and Feature requests are considered 'open' ...
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