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SOCharts: Charts by Tags

Screenshot I created this small app as a weekend hack. It shows the reputations, upvotes, downvotes and accepted answers for a user against the tags for the answers. About I wanted to know how many ...
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Conscientious use of the API

What constitutes abuse? Making an undue number of requests in a short span of time, or regularly exceeding a request quota during "normal" use. Guidelines for polling We realize that a great ...
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Getting Question data using stack.PHP fails after a certain number of requests

I am trying to build an RSS feed that includes any/all questions that I have answered, and been accepted as the correct answer. I am running into an issue where I'm sending too many requests and ...
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What is the root cause for too many request issue?

I am getting the following error when importing questions under a particular tag name: {"error_id":502,"error_message":"too many requests from this IP, more requests available in 56100 seconds"...
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How many simultaneous queries may I make of the same Stack Exchange API?

I've been playing with some of the APIs that have paged results. I've been doing a first call with pagesize=0 to determine how many pages there are then running a loop querying each page. In my case ...
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Throttling Question

Hey all, I keep getting kicked out of the API. Is throttling set to 30 requests per 5 seconds? j
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all api endpoints except are failing paged requests with HTML 503

UPDATE: I am being told that this is by design. I could not disagree more. The inconsistent 503 throttling issue aside, the API is JSON based. HTML errors serve no purpose in response to an API ...
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Need some help verifying 503 throttle issue

Update: We've confirmed the issue... fixing it is taking more time than anticipated. – Kevin Montrose Color me happy. The throttle is now applied to so we have an ...
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stackauth throwing 503 (in html format) after just a few /users/{id}/associated requests

After 5-8 successful requests 503 error, in html format, are being thrown. The requests are unique and consecutive, no api abuse is occurring. A related, but critical, concern is that any error ...
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What is the throttle interval or threshold?

Resolution: I have confirmed that a constant interval of 170 ms will run without error. // 30 per 5 sec = 6 per sec = interval 166.6 ms Soapi.RequestQueue.setInterval(170); Soapi....
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What is the Errors endpoint used for?

I am trying to figure out what the errors endpoint is used for, so I can I can implement it in my API. I have been trying things like: http://api....