* This is kind of like an extension to Typos on api.stackexchange.com/docs/js-lib


version is provided for bug reporting purposes, few client's will use it during normal operation.

This might work better as

version is provided for bug reporting purposes. Few clients will actually use it during normal operation.

Of special note, a user denying access to their account via the Reject button will result in error being called with an errorName of "access_denied".

"Of special note" sounds a bit off to me. Maybe Note: might work better in this case. And although not specifically a grammar mistake, the continuous change of bold and italics throughout the documentation makes it confusing what each means. They both seem to specify variables.

    // Make the authentication call, note that being in an onclick handler
    //   is important; most browsers will hide windows opened without a
    //   'click blessing'

Click blessing? Never heard of it, and (based on a few searches) neither has Google. Maybe something team-specific, so it needs to be changed. It also appears here:

complete will lose any special blessings with regards to being able to open windows or similar.

Side note: Here's what I think click blessings are. You can't automatically play audio/open tabs without interaction. The 'click blessing' says that in a click event listener, the script is allowed to do those actions on account of the fact that it was started by a nontrivial user interaction.

Now these ones are smaller and probably nit-picking, but just for good measure:

To add this library to your site, add: --> To add this library to your site, insert the following into your <head> tag:

uri --> URI

javascript --> JavaScript

lest the popup window --> in case the popup window


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