It's time we put the venerable tradition of haunting Kevin Montrose's answer with comments on when the API will start returning suggested edits for tag wikis and excerpts to rest. This is an official request to start returning them from the /suggested-edits and /posts/<ids>/suggested-edits endpoints.

It would be highly appreciated if we got /tags/suggested-edits and (or) /tags/<ids>/suggested-edits endpoints too. If all endpoints require an unreasonable amount of developer time to implement, please, consider adding at least one of the proposed endpoints.

The proposed change will require the suggested_edit type to be updated to include the new suggestion type as a enum member for post_type (for example, "tag-wiki" | "tag-excerpt").

There are multiple userscripts (f.e., RQH, SRSER) and curation / moderation chat bots (f.e., SpotDetector) that are forced to rely on brittle hacks to get suggestions for tag wikis and excerpts that would greatly benefit from this long-awaited change. The information would also also help managing tag burninations and its huge backlog, as well as disambiguation requests.


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