Dragon is a 2k tool largely meant to edit specific types of posts on Stack Overflow, because doing it manually is a ridiculous waste of time - by the time you edit one, there's two new ones to take its place.

I'm also being vague about "specific" because it doesn't automatically imply just one category. The current intended categories include posts containing thanks, as well as questions tagged [android-studio] if I can figure out a good metric for editing these.

For the near foreseeable future, editing is going to be supervised to verify that it does what it's meant to.




This program is currently intended to be Linux-only (largely so I can use xdg-open for OAuth and just expect it to work)


Issues, complaints, and ideas should be posted on GitHub


The code is written in Python, because there's no API libraries for C++ that don't use Boost and I can't be bothered to make one.

The code is on GitHub.

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