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Personalize your Stack Exchange experience. Inspired from this question.

It provides you to ability to toggle the visibility of certain elements on the page, including:

  • The "Find a Job" category on the left sidebar

  • The Teams advertisement on the left sidebar

  • The Overflow Blog + Featured on Meta + Hot Meta Posts side widget:

  • The Linked Posts sidewidget

  • The Related Posts sidewidget

  • The Hot Network Questions

Settings modal can be toggled with the Ctrl + Q shortcut.

All settings are set to "Show" by default.


MIT License



Status: Stable - no bugs reported.

Un-minified: https://github.com/SpectricSO/stack-scripts/blob/main/scripts/focus-mode/v2.2/script.js

Minified: https://github.com/SpectricSO/stack-scripts/blob/main/scripts/focus-mode/v2.2/script.min.js


Browser Support

IE Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Opera
~ 10-11 ~ 4-20, ✔️ 21+ ~ 2-27, ✔️ 28+ ~3.1-6, ✔️ 6.1 + ✔️ 12+ ✔️ 12.1+

Support not guaranteed. This graph should only give you an idea. Please consider editing to ensure this table is up to date

~ = partial

Change Log


Added a Roboto font for browsers which did not have Roboto automatically installed.


Fixed a reported bug by Kevin M. Mansour probably attributed to low height incompatibilities.


Written fully with JavaScript. Uses HTML5 Web Storage API to preserve preferences.

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  • Where can I find settings page :) – Kevin M. Mansour yesterday
  • 1
    @KevinM.Mansour Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Q – Spectric yesterday

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