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I've been looking for a good way to receive push notifications for inbox items, and, after seeing someone else asking for it in a comment in meta stack exchange, I decided to start implementing it. I'm using Flutter so I can support Android and iOS, but since I only have experience with Android, the Beta is only available in this platform, but, if there's interest, I can rush the iOS implementation. As suggested in the comment, the big pain point is notification, so I started there, the app has only one page to sign in with Stack Exchange and a page with the inbox items that redirect to the site.

Comment suggesting it: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/353489/creating-an-unofficial-stack-exchange-android-app

Beta notice: development is still very early, push notifications seen to be OK, but after allowing the app to access your Stack Exchange login, it's required to open the following link with the app for the registration to complete. Please report any bugs or suggestions. If anything does not work properly, please clear app data or uninstall/reinstall the app.

Planned features

  • Proper visual identity (logo, colors)
  • Accessibility checks
  • iOS version
  • Other languages


License and Contact

The app is free of charge and not open source, all rights are reserved.

Email to contact me: contato@vitorramos.dev

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