We are in the process of renaming perl 6 to Raku, and during that process we'd like to add the "raku" tag to all questions that already have the "perl6" tag. When raku outnumbers perl6 by 25%, we can then make the latter an alias of the former. Would that be the right way to proceed?

  • You probably want to ask this on Meta Stack Overflow; this site is for something else. – Glorfindel Oct 19 at 16:20
  • @Glorfindel the documentation says specifically that if you want to create an app with write access you need to create a post here. That's what I've done. – jjmerelo Oct 20 at 8:43
  • Thanks - you might want to edit your post to clarify that. Mass retagging questions bumps them, it's better do have a moderator perform the tag rename. – Glorfindel Oct 20 at 9:08

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