Screenshot / Code Snippet

Insert a reasonably sized screenshot (or code snippet) of your app here, so we can get a quick look at it and an idea of how it works and what it might do for us.


Tell us about your app.
Why did you create it? Who is it for?
How does it work? What problem does it solve?


What license is your app released under, if any?
Or if it is paid, how much does it cost and how do we buy it?


Provide links for us to obtain your app.
For websites or service, provide link to the main or home page.
A user should be able to jump to this section and dive right into your app.


What platform or browser is your app for?
Android? PC? Mac? Apple Newton? Firefox? Opera? Lynx?


Who created this app? Who are the key contributors?
How do we get in touch with them or find them?


What language, frameworks, and tools were used to write this?
Where can we get the code?
How can we contribute to the code?

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