A utility to automatically flag "thank you" comments from SEDE queries like this one - To be completed.

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    A bot abusing that flag on this site will draw repercussions. Suggest not flagging any such comment if (A) it is less than, say, 10-days old or (B) the "thanks" is a small part of an otherwise useful comment or (C) removal of the comment "confuses" the remaining text (unless other no-longer-useful comments are also flagged, such that the unflagged comments still make sense). – Brock Adams Jul 4 at 2:26
  • @BrockAdams Thanks, I appreciate the insight. As of now, the comments to be flagged come from the SEDE query linked above. You can see the criteria set there, that can be changed. But I agree with you, for this to be useful, we would need to poll comments via the API and set the criteria you mentioned in the code itself, rather than relying on an external CSV file. Am I understanding you correctly? – coldspeed Jul 4 at 2:31
  • @BrockAdams PS, this was meant to be a personal utility for me to use (responsibly, of course!). Is there any way to obtain write access without having to make the utility public (i.e., without publishing it here) if its potential for abuse outweighs its usefulness for the general public? – coldspeed Jul 4 at 2:33
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    You are only required to have a valid [app] post. It doesn't have to link to the app, or even the app's code. There are several examples here, although people tend to downvote them more often. As for CSV versus API query, that's not important, only the final action taken, on the info, counts. – Brock Adams Jul 4 at 2:38

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