When trying to access the Stack Overflow API I get this error message. My key is very similar to the one in the query string, it has parentheses on the end.


"error_id": 400,
"error_message": "`key` doesn't match a known application",
"error_name": "bad_parameter"

You cannot use just any value for the key, you must register your app and use the resulting Key value.

You can see a list of your registered apps by visiting stackapps.com/apps/oauth/ (which shows different results to each logged-in user).

For example, for my app registration stackapps.com/apps/oauth/view/3012 (which only I can see), the key is like:

sample key listing

Also, make sure you copy the Key from the registration page and not the Client Secret (Had someone mistakenly use that for the key value once. They look similar.)

  • Yes I did register my app. The key using was the one given to me by StackApps – Phil Andrews Mar 11 at 13:43
  • @PhilAndrews, well then you haven't given us enough information to replicate the problem. The API still works as usual for the rest of us. Edit the question to contain an MCVE. – Brock Adams Mar 11 at 17:52

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