For moderator elections, this script greatly helps vet and compare candidates.


  • Lists candidates in sorted order. Find him/her in a repeatable, predictable, location every page visit.
  • Click on a jump-table row to instantly scroll to that candidate.
  • Save a bookmark that opens the page to that candidate's entry, every time.
  • Like, Hide, or Reject a candidate. Save your data between page visits and between tabs.
  • Provides direct links to a candidate's entry on the Stack Exchange Moderator Candidate Statistics (SEMC) page. (Unfortunately, that site has been down for a great many months now.)
  • If you open one of those SEMC links, the script automatically scrolls to the targeted user (even while the SEMC page loads and settles).
  • If you downvoted a candidate in the primary, then those users are auto-rejected when you visit the primary page.
  • Works on all SE Election pages. (Not tested on Non English sites, but should work except for any formatting issues.)


Jump Table

Jump Table in action


(Note that this script requires Tampermonkey, Violentmonkey, or a userscript engine that supports @require and all the GM_ functions used. GM-4+ will not be supported at this time.)

 Click to Install 

Source code:

Is on GitHub at BrockA/SE-Election-Assistant.

You may also make bug reports, pull-requests, etc. there.


  • To get to the election pages, add election/ to the site's home address.
    For example: http://biology.stackexchange.com/election/ .
    This goes straight to:

    • Any current elections, or
    • It shows the last election if the site has had only one, or
    • It shows a list of all elections that have been held for the site.

  • Also, find a list of all site's last, or current, elections on the Stack Exchange Moderator Candidate Statistics main page (when/if it comes back online).



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