I have a problem with StackX app on my Samsung Galaxy 4 phone (Android 4.3). I'm logging to StackExchange in general, and StackOferflow in particular, using my Google ID. The app does not recognize my id as valid existing ID.

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I did not find any other way to contact the developer besides StackApps and I do not believe that rating page is an appropriate venue for tech support.

  1. Does anybody else have such problem?

  2. This app claims to be able to post comments (not just to view stuff). Are there other Android apps with such capabilities?

  • This looks like a bug with Stack Exchange API. I have created a support request here: stackapps.com/questions/4438/…
    – Prasanna
    Dec 14, 2013 at 17:31
  • @Prasanna How soon something like this could be addressed?
    – PM 77-1
    Dec 14, 2013 at 23:49
  • I don't know. Considering this is the weekend, I don't expect Stack Exchange guys to respond before Monday. Hopefully someone from the Stack Exchange team can respond to it soon.
    – Prasanna
    Dec 15, 2013 at 0:44
  • There is a workaround for this. Once you have entered the credentials and staring at a blank page, go back to Settings and click Login again, this time you will be successfully logged in,
    – Prasanna
    Dec 15, 2013 at 0:50
  • @Prasanna : I do not get a blank page. I get "This login is new to Stack Exchange" screen. I have posted the screen where I select to use Google id and the screen that comes after.
    – PM 77-1
    Dec 16, 2013 at 0:04
  • Looks like your Google account is not linked with Stack exchange.
    – Prasanna
    Dec 16, 2013 at 3:21
  • This is how I always login to Stack Overflow and other sites. This is how I'm logged in now.
    – PM 77-1
    Dec 16, 2013 at 3:27
  • Not sure what changed, but I was able to login yesterday with exactly the same credentials.
    – PM 77-1
    Dec 26, 2013 at 19:28
  • 1
    I updated the app with a workaround. Regarding the bug filed, no one from Stack Exchange have gotten back yet. Poor support.
    – Prasanna
    Dec 27, 2013 at 5:58


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