I was trying to figure out the total number of answers I have that have been downvoted, and at first everything seemed awesome since the total was zero.

However, I knew this wasn't correct. For instance, look at the following query and result:


 {"items":[{"question_id":44595,"answer_id":44600,"score":138,"is_accepted":true,"title":"Is Angry Birds deterministic?","up_vote_count":144,"down_vote_count":0}],"quota_remaining":284,"quota_max":300,"has_more":true}

The "score" is 138, and the "up_vote_count" is 144, and the "down_vote_count" is 0. I had thought perhaps just the down_vote_count was wrong (as I knew it was non-zero), but the up_vote_count is also incorrect.

In reality, the answer is at +141/-3 for an effective score of 138. The score is the only correct part.


This has been fixed in the latest deploy.

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