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  • Discover featured questions effortlessly on the home tab, elegantly presented in card format.
  • Each question card provides essential details such as the question title, description, tags, and key statistics like view count, answer count, and votes.
  • Get insights into the user who posted the question, with the option to tap for in-depth user information, including their name, joining date, reputation, and badges.
  • Effortlessly search for specific questions using the search bar, complete with advanced search filters and sorting options for tailored results.
  • Simply tap on any question card to access the dedicated question screen, offering comprehensive information about the question and all associated answers.
  • Enjoy proper code and text formatting with Markdown support, ensuring readability of coding blocks.
  • Quickly identify accepted answers for optimal problem-solving.
  • If a question lacks an answer, our AI feature generates solutions directly.
  • Explore the entire Stack Overflow repository, including both questions and answers, with a single button press.


Download from here on Play Store


BugBridger app works on Android smartphones.


Brijen Makwana created this app. You can see his GitHub profile.


This mobile app is built with these tech stacks:

  • React Native
  • Expo
  • Typescript
  • tamagui
  • expo-router
  • Stack Exchange API
  • Shopify Flashlist

You can see the code on this GitHub repo



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