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"View Vote totals" without 1000 rep

Screenshot About The vote counts are a great tool to determine whether an answer is disputed or not. Unfortunately, not many of us have enough time to join all Stack Exchange websites and get 1000 ...

script chrome-extensions greasemonkey bookmarklet  
user avatar asked by Rob W Score of 180
user avatar answered by Doorknob Score of 16

Obtain the list of questions associated to answer_ids without losing the information of which question comes from which answer_id

This is a follow up to a previous question of mine, and the starting point is that, given a list of reputation objects retrieved via /users/{ids}/reputation, I can easily retain only the entries with ...

support discussion questions answers limits  
user avatar asked by Enlico Score of 2
user avatar answered by Glorfindel Score of 1

OBSOLETE - ChatSEy - An Android App for SE Chat

App removed Now that we have a mobile chat that doesn't suck, I've taken this down. Screenshot About Completely overhauled styles, including default and dark themes Reply to, star and flag ...

app obsolete chat android  
user avatar asked by fredley Score of 32
user avatar answered by Caleb Score of 6

"Reply" links on comments

Screenshot About This user script adds a little "reply" link to each comment. Clicking this link will fetch the rest of the comments, if some of them were hidden show the "add comment&...

script comments  
user avatar asked by balpha Score of 99
user avatar answered by Basilevs Score of 10

Guttenberg - A bot searching for plagiarism on Stack Overflow

What is Guttenberg? Guttenberg is a bot that searches for plagiarism or duplicated answers on Stack Overflow. It's currently running in SOBotics under the user Guttenberg. Implementation Every 60 ...

app api-v2.2 answers duplicates  
user avatar asked by FelixSFD Score of 46

What's the next Script/App/Library of the Month?

Now that we have a Community Bulletin, we use it to highlight questions (more precisely scripts/apps/libraries) which deserve to be highlighted. All we ♦ moderators need to do is slap a featured tag ...

discussion featured meta  
user avatar asked by Glorfindel Score of 22
user avatar answered by Firedestroyer Score of 11

OBSOLETE - StackAnywhere - A Stack Exchange client for Android

Discontinued In light of the release of the official Stack Exchange app, which has far more functionality, there seems little point in releasing further updates for StackAnywhere. I've made the ad-...

app android obsolete notifier widget  
user avatar asked by Dan Dyer Score of 38
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