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"View Vote totals" without 1000 rep

Screenshot About The vote counts are a great tool to determine whether an answer is disputed or not. Unfortunately, not many of us have enough time to join all Stack Exchange websites and get 1000 ...

script chrome-extensions greasemonkey bookmarklet  
asked by Rob W 166 votes
answered by Doorknob 13 votes

StackMail - Making the StackExchange Sites Accessible Via Email

Planned Obsolescence Due to almost negligible usage and ongoing maintenance issues, I would like to announce that the StackMail service will be shut down in a few days. Screenshot http://files....

app php email  
asked by Nathan Osman 6 votes

Real-time desktop notifications for Stack Exchange inbox ( Chrome / Firefox )

Screenshot More screenshots: About Get real-time desktop notifications for your inbox at the Stack Exchange. After ...

app chrome-extensions notifier inbox firefox  
asked by Rob W 50 votes
answered by JamesTheAwesomeDude 5 votes

Top-navigation choices

Stack Exchange Top Nav Choices ( install ) ( GitHub ) Top Nav Choices changes the new Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow top navigation based on the preferences you set. The ...

script tampermonkey topbar navigation  
asked by Makyen 43 votes

Stack Overflow Extras (SOX)

SOX v2.7.0 Stack Overflow Extras (SOX) is a project that stemmed from the Stack Overflow Optional Features (SOOF) project. The SOX userscript adds a bunch of optional features to all sites in the ...

script tampermonkey  
asked by ᔕᖺᘎᕊ 111 votes
answered by ᔕᖺᘎᕊ 20 votes

OBSOLETE - New Q! - Google Chrome Extension notifies you of new questions of interest and inbox messages

Obsolete. Code last updated 7 years ago. Chrome store links are long dead. Source code still available though. Screenshots A new question notification in Chrome 6 in Windows XP A new answer and ...

app api-v2 chrome-extensions obsolete notifier  
asked by Adam 53 votes
answered by Adam 4 votes

Removing Collectives™ from Stack Overflow

About Inspired by the reaction to Beta release of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow, I decided to create a small practical solution in the form of a user script. It will remove almost all traces of ...

script stackoverflow  
asked by Little Nuts 10 votes
answered by Kevin M. Mansour 2 votes
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