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Real-time desktop notifications for Stack Exchange inbox ( Chrome / Firefox )

Screenshot More screenshots: About Get real-time desktop notifications for your inbox at the Stack Exchange. ...

app chrome-extensions notifier inbox firefox  
asked by Rob W 42 votes
answered by JamesTheAwesomeDude 5 votes

Overflow7 - Stack Exchange sites on Windows Phone 7

Video of 1.0 On YouTube - About This is a Stack Overflow app for Windows Phone 7 - it allows you to browse, read and bookmark Stack Exchange sites Screenshot ...

app silverlight windows-phone-7  
asked by Stuart 27 votes

SE Comment Link Helper

About This userscript automatically converts raw Stack Exchange question URLs into the form [title](link) before submitting comments by grabbing their titles from the API. This is similar to ...

script comments  
asked by Tim Stone 66 votes
answered by Kevin Vermeer 3 votes

2019 April Fool's Day Retro Theme

Screenshot / Code Snippet (click to make bigger) About Keeps the 2019 April Fool's Day theme, all the time! Inspired by this post on Meta.SE Download Get it from GitHub, or below: // ...

script fun  
asked by a stone arachnid 26 votes

How to convert unix timestamp to .NET DateTime

Hi, What is the format of the "creation_date" that is returned from a search of questions? I've been looking all over here and can't figure it out. I want to convert it to a regular DateTime object. ...

discussion c#  
asked by James Johnson 14 votes
answered by Sky Sanders 12 votes

Stack Exchange Global Flag Summary

This is a userscript that provides a networkwide flag summary for all Stack Exchange sites. If you are logged into the Stack Exchange network and you have this script installed, you can visit ...

script flags  
asked by Floern 56 votes

Get user data using curb/Curl in Ruby

I am trying to get user data in my Rails app. I am doing this: url_so = "" curl = curl.perform data_obj = ...

support api json ruby ruby-on-rails  
asked by zengr 2 votes
answered by Nathan Osman 2 votes
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