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Top new questions this week:

Stack Exchange in read-only mode

This userstyle aims to remove almost all interactivity with the Stack Exchange network for logged in users. Notably it leaves: Chat Following a post Saves Removes most other features that produce ...

script userstyle  
user avatar asked by VLAZ Score of 4

PLACEHOLDER MyTestAPP for Stack Apps API integration

The App is currently under development and/or only meant for private use. When the author of this App, Script, or Library is ready, they will update this post.

app placeholder  
user avatar asked by Ponmani Chinnaswamy Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

StackTracker - Cross-platform desktop notification app

Screenshot / Code Snippet Current Version: Beta build v1.0 About StackTracker, a cross-platform desktop notifier for the StackExchange API built with PyQt4 The application displays a task tray ...

app python notifier qt  
user avatar asked by swanson Score of 36
user avatar answered by dag729 Score of 2

Stack Overflow Tag Manager

Screenshot About Stack Overflow Tag Manager is a Greasemonkey script for expressing your tag preferences, which partly inspired Stack Overflow's own tag preferences feature. Continued benefits over ...

script tags javascript greasemonkey  
user avatar asked by Jonny Buchanan Score of 6
user avatar answered by palbakulich Score of 2

OBSOLETE - StackAnywhere - A Stack Exchange client for Android

Discontinued In light of the release of the official Stack Exchange app, which has far more functionality, there seems little point in releasing further updates for StackAnywhere. I've made the ad-...

app android obsolete notifier widget  
user avatar asked by Dan Dyer Score of 38

Stack Alert [Mozilla Firefox Add-on] - Keep tabs on your inbox without needing to have a Stack Exchange site open.

Not using Firefox? Don't worry, Stack Alert is available for other browsers as well. Visit the appropriate page for your browser below: Google Chrome Opera Screenshot / Code Snippet ...

app firefox extension  
user avatar asked by Nathan Osman Score of 29
user avatar answered by iglvzx Score of 11

Duplicate Target Manager

Description This is a userscript that lets you mark questions as commonly used duplicate targets, and replaces the default question search in the close dialog with one that searches through your ...

script questions closing duplicates  
user avatar asked by Aran-Fey Score of 25
user avatar answered by gunr2171 Score of 11

Stack2RSS - A JSON to RSS Conversion Service [Now Fully Open Source!]

New Location The site has moved here:   Stack2RSS About Stack2RSS is a small service that when given an API query, generates an RSS feed ...

app website notifier service  
user avatar asked by Nathan Osman Score of 45

'The target origin provided does not match the recipient window's origin' message when trying to use localhost

I am trying to experiment with the Stack Overflow API on my localhost and am struggling to get the authentication to complete. Here is my application JavaScript code (note that I am using IBM ...

bug api javascript authentication stackapps  
user avatar asked by MDalt Score of 6
user avatar answered by Can iSchool Score of 3
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