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Top new questions this week:

Dismiss "new follow feature" popup on active sites

SE: Dismiss New Follow Feature Popup On Active Sites ( install ) ( GitHub ) The "new follow feature" popup has to be dismissed separately on each site: This is ...

script tampermonkey  
asked by Makyen 3 votes

Permission request form is broken, approve button is hidden, css variables are missing

You can check that form doesn't work with this link

bug oauth2  
asked by Yanis Urbis 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

OBSOLETE - StackTrace for iPad

StackTrace for iPad is now available in the App Store No longer in the iTunes store. With StackTrace, we have taken a unique approach to consuming Stack Exchange content. Instead of focusing on ...

app obsolete ipad  
asked by bromanko 35 votes

sanction: a dead easy OAuth2 client Python implementation

Overview sanction is a lightweight, dead simple (67 LOC!) client implementation of the OAuth2 protocol. The major goals of the library are: Support multiple providers Most providers have varying ...

library python oauth2  
asked by Demian Brecht 7 votes

API Documentation and Help

Method List All API methods can be found at Global Method Parameters All methods accept the following parameters: type=jsontext: responds with mime-type ...

discussion faq getting-started help  
asked by Kevin Montrose 108 votes
answered by Sky Sanders 16 votes

Android app for Stack Overflow

Is there any android app for Stack Overflow available? Which basic features must I include if I develop this app? Ideas are appreciated.

discussion android  
asked by Sohil 15 votes
answered by Nathan Osman 11 votes

AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE

No more re-typing the same comments over and over! This script adds a little 'auto' link next to all comments boxes. When you click the link, you see a popup with 6 configurable auto-comments ...

script comments  
asked by Benjol 443 votes
answered by Caleb 44 votes

Get questions content from StackOverflow API

I need to get the question content from StackOverflow site. I already built the functions that parse the HTML for a question, and return me the question content. But, I found that there is an API, ...

support api questions  
asked by Ionică Bizău 9 votes
answered by Nathan Osman 12 votes

StinkingBadges - Track your progress towards long-term badges

Introduction I was curious how far away I was from Generalist, and there are some data explorer queries that can show you your progress, but I thought it should be possible to make this work ...

app api-v2 badges  
asked by agent86 148 votes
answered by agent86 14 votes
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