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SymbolHound: Search Stack Overflow for special characters

About See SymbolHound is a search engine that doesn't ignore special characters. I was always frustrated that I couldn't search for symbols like >> and && using Google or ...

asked by dncrane 77 votes
answered by Nathan Osman 0 votes

Newt - question, answer and comment and rep change notifications for Mac OS X

Newt is a simple Mac OS X utility that notifies you about new questions, answers, comments and reputation changes. Now, everyone can become a Jon Skeet! [DEPRECATED] I enjoyed making this ...

app mac-os-x notifier growl  
asked by Nikita Rybak 65 votes
answered by Goodbye Stack Exchange 2 votes

Natty - Bringing 10k moderation to All

Background and History The New Answers to Old Questions tool helps us to find all the answers added to questions which are more than 30 days old. However the issue with the tool is that it is not ...

app questions api-v2.2 answers  
asked by Bhargav Rao 69 votes

OBSOLETE - Droidstack for Android - now with chat support!

Obsolete - coded for decommissioned version of the API. This app unmaintained since Feb 2011. Source code still available; all other links dead or empty. Current status I'm not actively maintaining ...

app obsolete android java  
asked by Felix 60 votes
answered by Robert Cartaino 15 votes

Top-navigation choices

Stack Exchange Top Nav Choices ( install ) ( GitHub ) Top Nav Choices changes the new Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow top navigation based on the preferences you set. The ...

script tampermonkey topbar navigation  
asked by Makyen 42 votes

SOCVFinder: providing enjoyable reviewing, live duplicate notifications and cherry-picking on Stack Overflow

SOCVFinder Background This bot was developed to address the following issues: The problem of duplicated questions, that not only confuse search engines but also encourage rep hunts by copying and ...

app review  
asked by Tunaki 31 votes

Official keyboard shortcuts

This script is no longer necessary; please visit Announcement: Keyboard shortcuts are now integrated into the site for an updated status on this. Screenshot About This is the official keyboard ...

script keyboard-shortcuts  
asked by balpha 99 votes
answered by Jarrod Nettles 8 votes
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