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How to get access_token from the uri after the fetch function executes?

I am using this snippet to authorize to the Stack Exchange API const baseUrl = ",no_expiry&redirect_uri=https:/…

Wrong sorting parameter in documentation for question/{ids}/answers

It looks like that in the question/{ids}/answers documentation, there is a mistake: votes – score Shouldn't this be votes – votes

Wrong results for fetch timeline from offset

To get the timeline for a question I am sending this request: I am getting empty results: {&…

How can I fetch the answers posted in last week based on tags of the question?

I see that tags are present only for questions. How can I get the answers to these questions given in last week (if any) having specific tags?

How do I get the no. of upvotes a person has received for a particular tag?

I need the list of users who have more than 10K reputation and then among those users I need to see which user has how many up-votes for each tag. I don't think there is a direct query that will gi…

Use Stack Overflow's authentication API in a browser extension

I want to create a browser extension that reproduce the Stack Overflow navbar (inbox and achievements): I need for that to authenticate the current user using the authentication API. For this step…

How to create API filters?

I used the following request link to extract data from the Stack Exchange API. But I have no idea how to create "filter" as used in the request line. Please help me understand the creation of such…

Is there an API to upload images to SE's imgur installation?

Is there an API for uploading images to the StackExchange-specific imgur installation? I could use the main imgur site, but they don't keep the images indefinitely. Use case: It would be advanta…

Setting Up OAuth App - Process Gets Stuck

After I had some initial issues from errors on the stack exchange side which were resolved, the authorization appears to work but every time I try to start the process I get brought to this page be…

How to get an API key without registering an application?

How can I get an API key for doing 10K daily requests, without registering an application? Because I only use a script for my Social Network analysis project.

Having Trouble Setting Up OAuth for App

I am trying to build an app but I can't get the authentication right. I have been following the steps here: I keep getting the below error no matte…

`key` is not valid for passed `access_token`, token not found (although seemingly valid authentication)

I've made an authentication flow for my app (which wants to read your inbox and sent notifications on your desktop). Which can be found here For this, I have created a stack app on this site. With …

How are API changes announced?

How are API changes announced? Are emails sent out to developers, or is there someplace I can subscribe to?

How can I use an iOS custom URL scheme as redirect_uri?

I am trying to implement OAuth using iOS URL schemes. For example if I provide myapp:// as redirect_uri the app should launch. However, I cannot add it as OAuth domain in the Stack Apps settings, a…

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