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kindly request your help on call back issue for graphs using protractor

kindly request your help on call back issue for graphs using protractor. Getting an issue in index.js

How to solve bad_parameter error?

I'm trying to make the Stack Exchange API request using the key provided by Stack Apps. But whenever I try it always throws the below error. {'error_id': 400, 'error_message': "key doesn't mat…

How the /sites method is meant to be used

The /sites method is used to enumerate all sites in the network. If your [app] is meant to run against more than a single site (and many are) this method is how you should be discovering new sites…

Stack Exchange API - What does “site_state” mean?

The /sites route can return site_state. What does site state stand for and which values can it have? The values I found: normal linked_meta open_beta

Is there a way to fetch my flag quota?

I would like to stop flagging when I start running low on flags. Is there any way the API can tell me not only the flag options, but also whether I have any flags left and if so how many?

Can't Decompress Stack Overflow API in Swift

I am using the Stack Overflow API in Swift but keep getting an error: The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format. whenever I try to use the JSON as shown in code below…

Getting the ID of the question-asker when fetching new answers from the API

I am fetching a list of all new answers posted on Stack Overflow using the /answers API call. This returns the owner of the answer, but I would like to know if the answerer is the same person as th…

“client_id not provided” when trying to obtain an access_token

So I'm trying to authenticate with the v2 API via oauth2. I have a code, so I'm POSTing to and ideally get an access_token back. Instead I get an inval…

How to pass `key` as header value instead of as query params?

I would like to use my API Key in the header as opposed to as a query parameter. In Stack Overflow Enterprise, I pass the value as X-API-Key in the headers. This does not work for the public Stac…

Full-width stackexchange site

All the stackexchange sites are designed to take up a width of 1000px or less. Can this be expanded to have the content always try to take up all available horizontal space?

Hide the Stack Exchange sidebar

I would like to gain some screen estate when viewing Stack Exchange sites. The sidebar seldom shows information I need. I know most help content displayed when composing questions. Most related a…

Script to dynamically expand the Q/A text field

I'm searching for a script to (vertically) expand the text field in questions and answers as I type. I personally prefer seeing all content at once (while the area can be extended by manually dragg…

Is it possible to configure authorization on localhost?

I registered an application that I want to check on localhost. From the client, I send the following request: My system: Node.js My localhost app port: 8888 My app settings: OAuth Domain stack…

Difference between `/inbox/unread` & `/me/inbox/unread`

I ran /inbox/unread & /me/inbox/unread. What is the difference between the two? Also, the site parameter which we give in call to /me/inbox/unread is not required as inbox_item refers to glob…

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