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Randomly getting an 404 no method error when calling the question endpoint

When calling the question endpoint for a given number of communities, I have been randomly getting the following error: {"error_id":404,"error_message":"no method found wit…

Copy Code Exchange - copy code to clipboard from Stack Exchange sites!

This is a userscript to copy code (from any <pre> element) to the clipboard from all Stack Exchange sites. It's pretty nice and cool to be able to copy the code faster, rather than manually s…

LegacyQuestions - Bringing back the old questions design

Brings back the old questions design changed in a recent redesign

The /questions endpoint only returns around 30,000 items where 400,000 are expected

I use stackr library and I registered an api key as the library mentions "since it increases your daily quota of queries from 300 to 10,000." So I use the following code, which worked fin…

Add the excerpt back to the question title on hover

Adds on the home page of a site an excerpt of the question when hovering over the title

Activity Indicator - see if you participated in a Q&A at a glance

Activity Indicator is a userscript that displays a, well, indicator and some useful stats about your interactions with a given post.

Answerable, a recommender of unanswered questions

Python program that finds unanswered questions on Stack Overflow and sorts them by similarity with the ones you've already answered.

Duplicate manager with automatic closure and duplicate list editing

Description This is a userscript partly inspired by Aran Fey's Duplicate Target Manager and responds to this meta question (by myself) API to programmatically close questions as duplicate with dupl…

When are Stack Apps questions shown with thumbnails instead of regular statistics?

Today I was browsing a tag here and I noticed that on the first pages, all questions are shown with thumbnails (most of the time, just the default one): However, from page 5 on the formatting is l…

Retrieving list of c# questions

I am trying to retrieve list of C# questions using"c#". But I get JSON response related to c questions. Response : { &q…

Obtain the list of questions associated to answer_ids without losing the information of which question comes from which answer_id

This is a follow up to a previous question of mine, and the starting point is that, given a list of reputation objects retrieved via /users/{ids}/reputation, I can easily retain only the entries wi…

Get questions with body and answers

How can I get the latest 30 questions with body and answers using the api? And then, I want to get only first most voted 3 answers for each question. Is this possible with only one request? To ge…

Does `inquestion` support multiple question ids?

The q parameter has an inquestion operator that can take a question id. Can it take multiple question ids? My use-case is as follows: I want to get an array of questions with their excerpts. Howe…

Question close, reopen, and delete votes in the post sidebar

This is for users that cannot normally see these votes. On Stack Overflow that is less than 3,000 reputation points for close and reopen votes, and 10,000 reputation points for delete votes. The sc…

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