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Add a dedicated bot login to Stack Apps

When dealing with chat bots, especially those like SmokeDetector, you'll often want to log in directly from the code. The problem? There's no easy way to do this, especially now that Open ID is bei…

How to get a list of all StackExchange employees?

For a particular userscript feature, I need to get a list of all Stack Exchange employees. The list would be updated every day (per SE website). What is the most efficient way to do so? I looked a…

Add the 'people reached' count to the API?

Can we have the people reached statistic added to the /users/{ids} method? The response could simply be: "people_reached": 1000 I'm asking because it would be cool to get a network-wide number.

/tags fromdate and todate does nothing

Although the help/documentation lists todate and fromdate parameters for tags they do not work. This may be related to tags not having a creation_date. It would be great if we could filter tags by …

Is there an API to upload images to SE's imgur installation?

Is there an API for uploading images to the StackExchange-specific imgur installation? I could use the main imgur site, but they don't keep the images indefinitely. Use case: It would be advanta…

API responses are sometimes missing fields

conclusion never mind. the fields are marked as optional in the spec. it was late. sue me. the q is left for reference What is coming out: { "tags": [ "cakephp", "fileupload", …

Documentation or API method for `option_id` information, for the `/flags/options` API calls?

The Stack Exchange API has a couple of calls that return a list of flag_option objects. These objects contain a couple of properties that can be used to identify the flag you need. For example, wh…

Could you please return tags pertaining to the question when the api's “answers on user” endpoint is called?

When I call "answers on users", I see that I can select a filter named "tags".…

How to search answers like is:answer

How can I use the API to search for answers containing particular text or with particular properties? For example, this link allows me to search for is:answer foo, that is, answers containing foo. …

Can we specify more than one OAuth Domain?

I would like to use the API from a browser extension. With WebExtensions, I should be able to support Firefox and Chrome with the same code. Chrome provides an identity API for OAuth2, and so does…

Why doesn't Stack Apps have community promotion ads?

Community Promotion Ads would enable Stack App developers to promote their apps to other members of the Stack Apps community. Do we need community promotion ads or not?

Auto Format code snippets

Is it possible to auto format code so you don't have to go to each line and space 4 times? For example I know about the 'enter code here' but that doesn't always work correctly! It should be some…

Incomplete information in API documentation

I am struggling a little bit with the Stack Exchange API since there seems to be no formal specification for the individual endpoints of the API. Example: Endpoint:…

Please add gallery thumbnails to this site's search results

I would like to link to a list of all my stuff, but I'd like it to display with thumbnails and excerpts (like it does on tag searches). Is this possible? It seems like a reasonable use case, but f…

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