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What are the top level question & answer localized flag_option titles?

For the SE API, the endpoints dealing with flags (e.g. /questions/{id}/flags/options) return the flag_option type. However, the option_id values are explicitly stated as being unstable, but it's ne…

Can the API Edit a Question, changing only one field?

The documentation for the edit question method (/questions/{id}/edit) is somewhat vague. Are all of the parameters required? For example, if the only field I want to change in the question is tags…

Docs say the API returns a user's age, but it doesn't (anymore)

The doc page says that the user object returns an age property (for those users that specified an age). But the API  no  longer  does.   (Plus spot checks of users that had age…

Typos on

Under the Authentication section on, there are a few typos (emphasis mine): scope (optional) – an array of scopes to request during authentication, val…

Spelling mistake in API Documentation's “Authentication” page

Can you find the spelling mistake in "Unregistered Users" (last section) of the Authentication page? In case you're not in the mood for games, here is it: This is actually a correct spelli…

My filter is not returning any results. How to create a minimal filter?

I'm having trouble getting the SO API Filters to cooperate. I've gone over the documentation as well as similar questions like this and this. I'll use this call as an example since it successfull…

Documentation or API method for `option_id` information, for the `/flags/options` API calls?

The Stack Exchange API has a couple of calls that return a list of flag_option objects. These objects contain a couple of properties that can be used to identify the flag you need. For example, wh…

Incomplete information in API documentation

I am struggling a little bit with the Stack Exchange API since there seems to be no formal specification for the individual endpoints of the API. Example: Endpoint:…

Tell us that POST is required to write

While troubleshooting /posts/{id}/comments/add in order to answer Why am I getting a 404 when trying to post a comment?, it was noticed that the API path in question only responded to POST requests…

What does “in practice” mean here?

From /answers/{id}/delete: In practice, this method will never return an object. For me, "in practice" means that the method will maybe return an object. But why? That's not good from an appl…

“users” link lands on the answer page

On the /users/moderators documentation site, the following link is wrong: This method returns a list of users. The users link mistakenly points to the answers object instead of to the users o…

Why is “body” missing from certain inbox items?

I have run into some confusion over the presence of the body attribute in an inbox-item returned by the /inbox method. When item_type is set to "careers_invitations", the body attribute appears to…

Authorization dialog shows wrong API version

If you go on this doc page and click on Get Token, you'll see this: Minor bug, but still, I thought it would be nice to fix this inconsistency :)

New line missing between 'notice' and 'related_site' member types

At the bottom of under the Member Types section, notice and related_site are on the same line. A <br> is missing between the items.

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