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Are bounties on Stack Apps productive?

Stack Apps doesn't have a Features tab like other SE sites. Is starting a bounty to promote your Stack App a stupid idea?

What should we do about dead listings?

There are a few pending flags on posts for applications/scripts/libraries where the advertised program no longer works, sometimes meaning that the link to the source code and/or binary is also dead…

What are the top level question & answer localized flag_option titles?

For the SE API, the endpoints dealing with flags (e.g. /questions/{id}/flags/options) return the flag_option type. However, the option_id values are explicitly stated as being unstable, but it's ne…

Is there a word-processor plugin for stackoverflow's markdown

I have started to grow accustomed to using SE's markdown system, and I love the way it looks. I was wondering, if there was a word-processor, or word processor plugin that uses the same markdown sy…

Hidden page tracks Read/Unread Inbox items better than API or Inbox?

How does this hidden page ( know which Inbox notifications I have/haven't opened? Both the drop-down inbox and the API (ie, see…

oauth 2.0 based on stackexchange api and fetch user details

I am new to oauth 2.0. What i am trying to achieve is following I have a google api based oauth authentication in place On top I fetch the gmail email address and verify if this address is presen…

Request for a userscript to activate the “Wheel of Blame” Easter egg in chat

Note: This is not the same as The Unofficial Wheel of Blame. The Stack Exchange chat sites have an Easter egg called "Wheel of Blame" that activates for the current user only. Right now, the only …

Is there an interest in using a crypto currency as a bounty for questions?

Planning on building a bounty platform for Stack Exchange sites over the Ethereum network using the smartcontract.

Stack Overflow for RFC

I manage programmers and have JIRA all setup where tickets pretty much solve themselves via a slack app integration. If there is a tech problem that no one can fix, I need to be contacted. Before…

What API do I call to measure popularity growth for specific tags over time?

I believe I can use the Stack Exchange API to get total questions that fit chosen tags. I have an example I wrote myself here: …

How to get deleted answers?

Users with a certain reputation, can see deleted answers (deleted either by moderators or by their owners themselves). Does the API offer any means to access such deleted answers?

What to do about the tsunami of placeholder apps created because of a poorly written tutorial?

Last months, we're seeing more and more placeholder apps created by people who are following a certain Android tutorial. I'm not going to give examples because it's really hard not seeing them. I f…

Why doesn't Stack Apps have community promotion ads?

Community Promotion Ads would enable Stack App developers to promote their apps to other members of the Stack Apps community. Do we need community promotion ads or not?

Auto Format code snippets

Is it possible to auto format code so you don't have to go to each line and space 4 times? For example I know about the 'enter code here' but that doesn't always work correctly! It should be some…

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