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How to get total visited days and consecutives of an user?

I checked docs , there are no endpoints to get total visited days and consecutive days. Is there any way to get them?

The /questions endpoint only returns around 30,000 items where 400,000 are expected

I use stackr library and I registered an api key as the library mentions "since it increases your daily quota of queries from 300 to 10,000." So I use the following code, which worked fin…

What's the next Script/App/Library of the Month?

PSA: We need more nominations! Now that we have a Community Bulletin, we use it to highlight questions (more precisely scripts/apps/libraries) which deserve to be highlighted. All we ♦ moderators n…

Can I use the Stack Exchange API to build a "GH Archive" like project?

I'm not sure if I can use Stack Exchange API to build a like project? I studied the API throttling documentation but I am not sure.

Why can I not authenticate my application? Application is not allowed to request implicit grants

I created a placeholder. PLACEHOLDER - Disco Application I created an application and added placeholder. I followed…

Top questions/answers

Is there a way to get a list of X questions/answers with the highest votes up, visits, etc? Say I want to get the list of most voted questions in .NET category (tag) or Java.

Is there a difference between the API search and the search from within the site?

I'm curious if the search results from the API is calculated the same way as the searches from within the sites themselves? Is there a difference between the two? If so, what are the differences?

Where is it acceptable to store an access_token?

Obviously it isn't safe to broadcast any access_token to the public, especially those which are defined with no expiry date. It would also be considered a security issue if a list of registered acc…

What's the etiquette for answers/comments on an app "question"?

Since everything I list below could be acceptable when there is so much to discuss, is there an accepted etiquette to what "answers" should address in relation to app "questions"…

Why is no_expiry "strongly advised against"?

In the docs on user auth, it says This request is responded to with either an error (HTTP status code 400) or an access token of the form access_token=...&expires=1234. expires will only be se…

API Inconsistencies

In my opinion, one of the hallmarks of a good API is that it is self-consistent. It establishes easy-to-remember conventions and then follows them. As I'm trying to adopt the 2.0 API, I'm findi…

Using scripts on iOS with the Userscripts app never seem to work?

I'm using the Userscripts app for mobile Safari. My phone is an iPhone 13 running 15.6.1 operating system. I use this app for other scripts. So it does, at least for some things, work as expected. …

Adjusting the question templates to better accommodate placeholders

From time to time, we see users posting placeholder questions using one of the templates. They have no useful information to add, so they just leave the template as is, which is very logical behavi…

(Should we) add [Staff] labels to staff member flairs?

This answer is posted by a staff member, but you have to go to the user's profile to actually see that. Can we add [Staff] labels to staff member flairs like on all meta sites? [♦ Mod] labels aren'…

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