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Wrong sorting parameter in documentation for question/{ids}/answers

It looks like that in the question/{ids}/answers documentation, there is a mistake: votes – score Shouldn't this be votes – votes

Pluralisation bugs in /apps/oauth

In Your Apps, if 1 user has been authorized and been given an access token, here's what the site shows: It must be "user". Also, if you have one application:

/me/associated doesn't return meta sites anymore

The documentation of /me/associated says: You can filter the network_users returned by this method with the types parameter. Specify, semicolon delimited, main_site or meta_site to filter by si…

API stopped allowing CORS requests

I'm currently using the API via JavaScript AJAX calls and it all of a sudden stopped allowing CORS requests. I'm on localhost and I tried uploading my code to live and am still getting: Access to …

Permission request form is broken, approve button is hidden, css variables are missing

You can check that form doesn't work with this link

Cannot authenticate with OAuth2

I was testing an app and suddenly I can't login any more. Neither my app or the Stack App configuration hasn't changed, so I'm thinking this might be a bug on the API side. The OAuth error seems a…

“Javascript” typo on documentation pages

On page Usage of /sites, it should be JavaScript, not Javascript, in the right sidebar: This obviously also applies to (most/all) API documentation pages, since they share the sidebar.

Few typos in the documentation pages When passing a vector, sepeate each id with a semicolon. For example, /users/1;2;3;4;5?site=somesite would fetch users with ids 1 through 5 on somesit…

Typos in API documentation

From the /posts documentation: Most applications should use the question or answer specific methods, but /posts is available for those rare cases where any activity is of intereset. intereset…

API docs titled “v2.0”; should be “v2.1”

The documentation is titled "StackExchange API v2.0"... this should be updated to "v2.1" as it's not readily obvious that version 2.1 has been published otherwise.

Spelling mistake in API Documentation's “Authentication” page

Can you find the spelling mistake in "Unregistered Users" (last section) of the Authentication page? In case you're not in the mood for games, here is it: This is actually a correct spelli…

Wrong error message when attempting to edit a locked answer

When attempting to edit a locked answer like this one via the /answers/{id}/edit API method, I get an error message: Account is not allowed to suggest edits I have the privilege to edit the p…

Misleading parameter descriptions on excerpt search documentation page

The excerpt search documentation page is slightly misleading about some of the parameters, which are stated to pertain to questions only: q - a free form text parameter, will match all question…

window.opener is null in Stack Exchange login_success page

I am using the JavaScript SDK to authenticate Stack Exchange users in our application. But the dialog stays in "Authorizing Application" page, as I found there is a error thrown in this page: Unca…

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