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Cannot authenticate with OAuth2

I was testing an app and suddenly I can't login any more. Neither my app or the Stack App configuration hasn't changed, so I'm thinking this might be a bug on the API side. The OAuth error seems a…

Bugs in API 2.2 “/search/advanced” with a “q” parameter

How can we handle these problems? Result for sort=relevance&order=desc is similar to sort=relevance&order=desc. Very poor caching system: After some queries, you may receive the same resul…

StackExchange API explicit oauth2 json doesn't return status 400

It is said here that if the request failed, it will return error with HTTP status code 400 but I'm getting HTTP status code 200 even when it is returning an error. I'm hitting https://stackoverflow…

Permission request form is broken, approve button is hidden, css variables are missing

You can check that form doesn't work with this link

Wrong sorting parameter in documentation for question/{ids}/answers

It looks like that in the question/{ids}/answers documentation, there is a mistake: votes – score Shouldn't this be votes – votes

Pluralisation bugs in /apps/oauth

In the Manage your applications page, if 1 user has authorized and has been given an access token, the site shows 1 users instead of user: In addition, if you have one application, it shows 1 appl…

Login problem on devices pre Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1

I have recently published an app for browsing Stack Exchange websites and a major feedback I received from users was about the inability to use oauth login form while logging into the app. The scre…

Misaligned label “Stack Apps Post (optional)” on app information page

When editing the application information (from, the label for the optional Stack Apps Post is misaligned: It should be left-aligned like the other labels; the …

Please migrate the question templates to CommonMark

We have three templates for new questions (for apps, libraries and scripts): They'll insert a body like this: <!-- thumbnail: --> <!-- version: 1.0 --&…

Error invalid_request “OAuth request must be over HTTPS” when starting oauth flow

I'm building an application on top of StackExchange's API for a month now. While I was building the OAuth flow to allow users to authenticate using their StackExchange account, everything was worki…

“edited” key always return false. even though it shows edited on site

CommentID: 1193255 On site Meta Stack Exchange The Api returns edited as false However if you see the comment itself, you can see it has been edited. Is there something that I am missing here?

Can I have more than one OAuth Domain?

I tried to set more than one OAuth Domain, but seems to it's not working. I tried to set them separated by comma or space, but got redirect_uri - must be under an apps registered domain error messa…

StackApps Captcha doesn't work: “Invalid domain for site key”

The Captcha page on this site doesn't seem to be set up correctly, it shows an error message: ERROR for site owner:Invalid domain for site key

Wrong results for fetch timeline from offset

To get the timeline for a question I am sending this request: I am getting empty results: {&…

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