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API Inconsistencies

In my opinion, one of the hallmarks of a good API is that it is self-consistent. It establishes easy-to-remember conventions and then follows them. As I'm trying to adopt the 2.0 API, I'm findi…

Is there a difference between the API search and the search from within the site?

I'm curious if the search results from the API is calculated the same way as the searches from within the sites themselves? Is there a difference between the two? If so, what are the differences?

Is it possible to access data in real-time using the Stack Exchange API?

I want to show an animation of: Questions being asked and answered in the most popular tag Comments being posted New users joining All in real time. Is there access to real-time data?

How to get user information of Stack Overflow?

I'm currently using the Stack Overflow API to get a user's information (via Stack Exchange). Is it possible with the Stack Overflow API to get user details?

Getting global information (Stack Exchange) about a list of users

I'm working with the API for several weeks (see my app here) and I'm trying to get the username of a particular user from its Stack Exchange ID. It's possible by querying /users/{ids} but it retur…

ChatterBox - user script that adds inbox integration to Stack Exchange Chat!

ChatterBox adds an "inbox" button to the chat interface.

StatsExchange - low friction, API-based statistics generator

StatsExchange is an application for generating easy statistics and reports based on the data and filters available in the Stack Exchange API.

/oauth/access_token not redirecting back to my redirect_uri

I am trying to implement Stack Exchange using oAuth 2.0. I am able to get CODE but, when I try to get access_token through this code: <?php if(isset($_GET['code'])) { ?> <form method=&quo…

StackGeography, a Stack Exchange question mapping site

Ever wanted to see just what kind of locations are posting to the various Stack Exchange sites at any given time? Even if you haven't, you'll find it with StackGeography. NEW! Now with multiple-sit…

The /questions endpoint only returns around 30,000 items where 400,000 are expected

I use stackr library and I registered an api key as the library mentions "since it increases your daily quota of queries from 300 to 10,000." So I use the following code, which worked fin…

Main Stack Exchange network site API

The original Stack Exchange app has this cool feature where you can browse hot question from the entire network. But at the current state I am not able to see a “Stack Exchange” site listed in the …

Stack Exchange API in Chrome extension

How I can connect my extension to the API? I tried to use this example code for connecting: SE.init({ clientId: 1, key: '?', channelUrl: '?', complete: function (data) { alert('con…

Dragon: an automatic editor

Dragon is a 2k tool largely meant to edit specific types of posts on Stack Overflow, because doing it manually is a ridiculous waste of time - by the time you edit one, there's two new ones to take…

v0.6.0, Zoe
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