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Add the 'people reached' count to the API?

Can we have the people reached statistic added to the /users/{ids} method? The response could simply be: "people_reached": 1000 I'm asking because it would be cool to get a network-wide number.

How to deal with the “Too Many Requests” error coming as HTML?

The API specifies error codes, and messages. It also specifies a "backoff" parameter. But, even while respecting the backoff and stopping at errors, and even when waiting a long time between reque…

Do my users need to be logged in, for quota?

I am building an application and want to showcase relevant Stack Overflow questions. I have made the request and getting a response, but its responding with a quota value: "quota_max": 300, "…

API Implicit Authentication with Python

I am working on an desktop inbox notifier for StackOverflow, using the API with Python. The script I am working on first logs the user in on StackExchange, and then requests authorisation for the …

Authentication uses # instead of `?`?

I need authentication for my app so I used the implicit flow way. The authentication works just fine but the access_token and expires variables return weirdly! For example:…

StackImpact - What's your impact?

What kind of impact are you having on Stack Exchange?

Perforiming OAuth in stackexchange

I am trying to perform OAuth using this credentials:{{****}}&scope=private_info&redirect_uri= Instead of accesstoken I get…

Why is “body” missing from certain inbox items?

I have run into some confusion over the presence of the body attribute in an inbox-item returned by the /inbox method. When item_type is set to "careers_invitations", the body attribute appears to…

access_token not present in /oauth/access_token response

When using the explicit oath authentication for stack apps, I have problem receiving the access_token. A user goes to /approve and is then forwarded to approve the app. When redirected back to my s…

Get favorited tags of user

This was requested in 1 and declined because of a missing authentication method. Now that authentication is in place, is there a way to retrieve the favorited tags of a user (myself)?

Can you identify a user from the access_token?

I have the access_token after authentication from the user. At this point I don't know with which sites this user has registered. Is it possible to get user information like the display name or pro…

StackExchange API Java SDK

This project aims to provide a Java wrapper to the Stack Exchange API. SDK supports Stack Exchange API V2.2 Getting Started There are two interfaces to the library. Query Interface Facade I…

StacMan - .NET client for Stack Exchange API v2

StacMan is a .NET client for Stack Exchange API v2

Give us a site's API name in the list of a user's sites

In the /me/associated method, I get back a bunch of JSON - but the api_site_parameter name is nowhere to be found. Why? It's kind of important. Could we have it?

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