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How to use stack exchange api to create an app similar to stackover flow

Build an app for searching and reading StackOverflow questions The app should provide a search bar. On querying for a term, it should search through all the StackOverflow questions with that query …

How can I extract user information on Stack Overflow using Python and the Sack Overflow API?

I am new to Python. I want to extract a user bio, answers, questions they made in Stack Overflow. Can I do that using the API? For example, can I extract the user: name bio and number of questions …

Missing total when tag is not URL-encoded

When trying to get a list of questions for the C# tag, the total field was missing. Tried with Python tag and the total was included. /2.2/questions?order=ASC&sort=creation&site=stackoverfl…

Hidden page tracks Read/Unread Inbox items better than API or Inbox?

How does this hidden page ( know which Inbox notifications I have/haven't opened? Both the drop-down inbox and the API (ie, see…

Take the right filter for favourite count

I try to take the favourite count filter for a question. I use api through R library(stackr) stack_questions(11227809, site = "stackoverflow", filter = "!GeD4JB*YQqe2L") an…

How are API changes announced?

How are API changes announced? Are emails sent out to developers, or is there someplace I can subscribe to?

How can I write (edit) one of my answers?

I started to love the Python black formatter and I want all my code on Stack Overflow to be formatted like that. So I wanted to go over the answers and apply black / blacken-docs, check if anything…

Why am I getting a 400 Bad Request error with this code?

I'm using this code (in an async function): let about = await fetch(""+token+"&sort=reputation&site=gaming&am…

Wrong sorting parameter in documentation for question/{ids}/answers

It looks like that in the question/{ids}/answers documentation, there is a mistake: votes – score Shouldn't this be votes – votes

How can I fetch the answers posted in last week based on tags of the question?

I see that tags are present only for questions. How can I get the answers to these questions given in last week (if any) having specific tags?

API for user next achievement/badge requirement?

If you look at your user profile you can see: visited x days, x consecutive So for the achievement/badge "Fanatic - Visited the site each day for 100 consecutive day" I can calculate the number…

Is there any way or script to sort questions/posts/answers with custom criteria?

I want to fetch some questions from the API and I would like to sort them. However, I don't want to sort by the default options (activity, votes, creations, hot, week, month), but instead, for exam…

PLACEHOLDER - Fortnightly Topic Challenge Automation on Puzzling.SE

Used for (meta.)puzzling.stackexchange - Creates & edits the corresponding meta posts with information from the main and meta site. E.g. creating a post for the new challenge every 2 weeks and …


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