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Is there an Maltego Stack API script or transform library?

I'm asking the question because i do not find information about Stack API and potential Transform script for Maltego. I would be interested in working on that if some people are interested in. Malt…

What are the top level question & answer localized flag_option titles?

For the SE API, the endpoints dealing with flags (e.g. /questions/{id}/flags/options) return the flag_option type. However, the option_id values are explicitly stated as being unstable, but it's ne…

Cannot get redirect_uri to work

This is in regards to my userscript Bulk flag comments. I am sure I have not at all updated the userscript since the first release of June 24, and I am sure I was able to register for an access tok…

Is the Stack API daily quota of 10,000 a hard limit, or can it be increased?

We are developing an indexer that will be used to store and serve up questions/answers related to our products. The indexer uses a key (and soon an access_token) to retrieve the data from Stack Exc…

Will the Stack Exchange API work with an org-specific Stack Overflow site?

We have a company-specific Stack Overflow site for folks to ask questions with the company. It has a * domain/URL. Would I be able to use the Stack Exchange API to access the qu…

How to get a list of all StackExchange employees?

For a particular userscript feature, I need to get a list of all Stack Exchange employees. The list would be updated every day (per SE website). What is the most efficient way to do so? I looked a…

Will the new traffic measuring formula be available via the API as well?

From this MSO answer: was just updated today to use a new formula for traffic. Area 51 is still using the old formula, but will be updated soon to use the new formula. …

Can the API Edit a Question, changing only one field?

The documentation for the edit question method (/questions/{id}/edit) is somewhat vague. Are all of the parameters required? For example, if the only field I want to change in the question is tags…

How to quickly retag a question from the API?

I'm playing with the write API, and I'd like to simply retag a question. This is the code I have so far: $editURL = '' . $question->{"question_id"} .…

Can we find the time of a vote using the API?

I've been looking at the API docs and more specifically at the filters available for the /answers/{ids}, /posts/{ids} and /questions/{ids} routes but can't find anything other than upvoted and down…

Is there a glossary of the properties returned in response to the Stack Exchange API?

While most items are self-explanatory, some aren't, and I was wondering if there was a glossary explaining all the properties in each of the response types?

Add the 'people reached' count to the API?

Can we have the people reached statistic added to the /users/{ids} method? The response could simply be: "people_reached": 1000 I'm asking because it would be cool to get a network-wide number.

How to get the user's last seen time in user's profile

In user's profile page, there's a last seen xx mins ago info: How can I get this information in user object or other object field?

How to get visits per day via the API?

At the overview page of the Stack Exchange network, one can see a list of all sites of the network with some statistics for each site (number of questions, answers etc.). Most of these statistics c…

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