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Wrong sorting parameter in documentation for question/{ids}/answers

It looks like that in the question/{ids}/answers documentation, there is a mistake: votes – score Shouldn't this be votes – votes

How can I fetch the answers posted in last week based on tags of the question?

I see that tags are present only for questions. How can I get the answers to these questions given in last week (if any) having specific tags?

Please provide a way to download SEDE data via an API

Following on from this answer, I have a data extraction requirement that is not presently catered for in the API, so I've raised a feature request for that. It has also been suggested that it woul…

How to create API filters?

I used the following request link to extract data from the Stack Exchange API. But I have no idea how to create "filter" as used in the request line. Please help me understand the creation of such…

Is there an API to upload images to SE's imgur installation?

Is there an API for uploading images to the StackExchange-specific imgur installation? I could use the main imgur site, but they don't keep the images indefinitely. Use case: It would be advanta…

How are API changes announced?

How are API changes announced? Are emails sent out to developers, or is there someplace I can subscribe to?

How can I write (edit) one of my answers?

I started to love the Python black formatter and I want all my code on Stack Overflow to be formatted like that. So I wanted to go over the answers and apply black / blacken-docs, check if anything…

Is there any way to get questions by tag with excerpt?

I'm checking how I can embed the search for one project. Basically I want something like this page. With the search I can get the list of questions with all meta data from the search, however the e…

Why is my API quota not resetting after UTC reset?

According to How API Keys Work, the default daily API limit -- which is per site, per day -- is 300. I started with 300, as expected, but over a period of days, I've noticed that the remaining quo…

When does API quota reset?

I had a program consuming Stack Overflow API quota (10,000 per day) last night across midnight. This morning I checked, and my quota has not been set back to 10,000. Is this normal? If yes, when do…

API to submit a Suggested Edit

Is there a way of using the API to submit a suggested edit? This would allow users without the edit privilege to at least submit their suggestion. There is no create/add endpoint listed in the do…

How to get the user's pinned sites?

I have been trying to find the API for getting all the pinned/favorite sites of the user, but I can't.

Creating personal applications using Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange API

I want to create an application to read Stack Overflow notifications on my device. My question: what should I provide in the OAuth Domain and Application website fields while registering the …

What does it mean when a revision number is missing?

I've noticed in the API docs for revisions that revision_number may be absent. Yet all examples, e.g. /posts/{ids}/revisions include a revision number for all responses. I have a colleague who swe…

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