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I'm a developer who focuses in and with experience in and . I also specialize in , , and general development methodology and practice. I also have experience administrating both Windows and Linux machines.

You know you understand when everything not only makes sense, everything feels right

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It's declined, because it's possible to construct the data with other queries? Even though it's not trivial at all and requires a not-insignificant amount of logic to complete (whereas implementing it at the API level would be far easier)? Ultimately it's your product and decision, but I can't say that I see the logic in summarily declining it like that...
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I am using v2.0, but it winds up becoming screwy because I need to maintain ordering of the sets. I can definitely do it, the point was that it would be a whole lot easier (and more robust) if the data was returned in the original query, hence the feature request...