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I'm Gideon Israel Dsouza. Check out my CV on Careers. (gidisrael-at-gmail-com)

I've been teaching myself programming since I was about 11.

I have the odd need to know how everything works. I own Linux, OSX and Windows and play with C#, Perl, Python, RaspberryPi's and Arduino. Check out my CPAN modules and my latest side project : http://perlmonksflair.com/

I will usually edit your question or answer if it's a huge block of unstructured text :)

Behold my Unicorn:

Unicorn for Gideon


comment Net::StackExchange2 - Perl Wrapper for StackExchange API (it's on CPAN)
Thanks! :) I plan to write a couple updates for this api, to make it more fluent/intuitive, also plan to write a perl app that uses this wrapper :D
comment Stacked Odds - Finding the questions that you can answer
@Yacoby hey have you seen my post here there's something going wrong...
comment New Q! - Google Chrome Extension notifies you of new questions of interest and inbox messages (now with API v2.0!)
Good stuff, but would be awesome if it looked at my favorite tags and gave me notifs!!