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I'm a programmer, graphic designer, web developer and drummer in two bands (Ludavico and The Blue Cats).

I know the following languages:

  • C/C++, Objective-C & C#
  • (X)HTML, JavaScript & PHP
  • SQL (mostly working with MySQL)
  • Some Lua & other scripting languages

Tool of the trade:

  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Notepad2, TextWrangler
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

comment Six to Eight: An iPhone client (discontinued)
Wow that's pretty awesome.
comment StackTop-Mac app---Now out of beta!
I hate to say it but the GUI looks terrible.
comment iStack (iPhone app for Stackoverflow sites) - suggestions for UI
In other words, on the iPhone you have to go to lengths to polish the visual look and layout of your UI to be on par with the successful apps. If you can't see what's "better" in these apps then it might be time to get yourself a GUI designer.
comment iStack (iPhone app for Stackoverflow sites) - suggestions for UI
There needs to be some bolded text in there somewhere. First choice would be the question title. The extraneous information such as username etc should be a grayish color. If you're going to have the votes box in there, the question title needs to at least be in line with the top. There's many things that make your mock up flat and unpolished. The votes box for example could be more than just a flat rounded rectangle. Or it could take up the whole height to make a pseudo two-column table.
comment Best way of structuring a library?
Consume you, the brackets will.