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I'm a student at Brooklyn College, studying computer science & journalism. I make apps for Apple's iOS.

I maintain MBCalendarKit and several other open source libraries.

Here's my website, my GitHub, my Careers profile, and my apps on iTunes.


comment MinimalOverflow - A themescript for Stack Exchange
@Marek - Yes, in principle it should be possible. The delay is caused by the site loading the first stylesheet, then loading the clean one off of github. That is how userscripts work. If SE integrated it, then they can generate the HTML already containing a reference to the clean CSS.
comment MinimalOverflow - A themescript for Stack Exchange
@Marek - Not yet. If SO hosts it, then it can integrate better with their site engine and handle the css swapping server-side. That may or may not happen, depending on how development progresses and how the script matures. (I don't work for SOIS and I do not represent them.) I'm working out the CSS bugs and then discussing some other features with @RebeccaChernoff. Once all that happens, I can talk to SOIS about merging it into SO.
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You can also install in Safari using GreaseKit. I wrote a blog post on installing user scripts in Safari: mosheberman.com/wordpress/?p=284