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  • iOS developer
  • WEB developer using mainly Python in NetEase, Inc
  • Apple products & Steve jobs fans!
  • Deep Vim user who likes to do every possible thing with vim and hates to use mouse or trackpad.
  • Zsh user.
  • Sina Weibo: http://weibo.com/jianpx
  • Twitter: @jianpx86
  • Github: https://github.com/jianpx


  • Developing my company's app product.
  • Learning iOS Application development (my git repo for CS193p is here, welcome to fork or watch or start ^_^)
  • Learning & using Mongodb

comment API “Hello World” code
@Nyuszika7H thanks for your advice. But in fact, I mean to handle response in server side, not client side. I use python to handle it finally. If you are interested in , I appreciate you to see my article
comment API “Hello World” code
but if you need to process the application/json response in programme, how could you do?