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I have a background in VB and C and an Honours degree in Mathematical Sciences from Adelaide University, majoring in Computer Science.

I have over 15 years VB experience and have dealt with back-end details, including without using databases.

comment StackRating – Tracks skill of Stack Overflow users!
That they are negative makes sense (probably for the first one). But why the magnitude?
comment StackRating – Tracks skill of Stack Overflow users!
Can you explain my ratings on these two questions? SQL First Match or just First and How to stop Excel storing the absolute path to an XLA?. The former is my question, but the higher answer (if accepting my own answer is not given a +1) is by a 90k+ user compared to my 5k. The latter has a leader of 17k.
comment Auto-completion of user name for @-replies in comments
Yes, it now works for me in Chrome 10.
comment Column 80 - Plain Text optimised Stack Exchange
+1 And it does look OK in Chrome. The only issue I saw was long unwrapped lines, which makes sense when optimising for a text-based browser.
comment Provide a “latest” version for apps that want to keep up
This is very close to what I was thinking of here: stackapps.com/questions/142/…
comment Terms of the use for the API
I don't see a relevant link in the footer: About doesn't mention ToU or link to one; nor does faq; cc-wiki and attribution is for the user contributed content.