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I have a background in VB and C and an Honours degree in Mathematical Sciences from Adelaide University, majoring in Computer Science.

I have over 15 years VB experience and have dealt with back-end details, including without using databases.

comment Auto-completion of user name for @-replies in comments
Yes, it now works for me in Chrome 10.
comment Column 80 - Plain Text optimised Stack Exchange
+1 And it does look OK in Chrome. The only issue I saw was long unwrapped lines, which makes sense when optimising for a text-based browser.
comment Provide a “latest” version for apps that want to keep up
This is very close to what I was thinking of here: stackapps.com/questions/142/…
comment Terms of the use for the API
I don't see a relevant link in the footer: About doesn't mention ToU or link to one; nor does faq; cc-wiki and attribution is for the user contributed content.