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Father, husband, retired philosopher, software engineer. Have been enthusiastically studying AI until discovered that Machine Learning is a codename for Applied Statistics. I hold BSc with Hons in AI and CS from University of Edinburgh. Now, working on down-to-earth practical things, mostly in .NET and Python.
Believe that forcing users to upgrade to a newer version is perfectly acceptable. Keep shuffling tons of books on my shelves that I have never read. Maybe one day, who knows? Though if I don’t click after first few pages I rarely ever come back.

Strongly support free, civic society in any conceivable aspect of it, especially speech, civil liberties and most importantly adaptation of debt-free money by governments.

In my daily choices I tend to put the ugliest practice above the most beautiful theory; doing over talking, impact and change over expectations and hope.

In my free time I enjoy dabbling with Haskell and AppEngine also help my wife a bit making craft for toddlers.

Love badminton and rollerblading despite all the injuries.

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comment StackGeography, a Stack Exchange question mapping site
Awesome app! btw where did you get the geo data from? I cannot see any ip-related information on the official soapi?