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I am an avid gamer and budding amateur programmer who specializes in Minecraft. If you're stumped with a problem in Minecraft, I'm here to help you. Here's my motto:

life == "good"

Here's some things you should know about me.

  • Don't wake me up earlier than 7:30, unless you want your face dented in.
  • I have no life. I once spent 1 solid day, programming.
  • I have a raspberry pi. That's it.
  • I really only play one game. Minecraft.
  • What's my name again?

Find me on twitter @ThatGuyWhoCodes or Joe Semmers! If you follow me, tweet me your Arqade username so I know who you are!

Here's a program I made to emulate Python3's print and input functions.

main_value = None

def stdout(string):
    print string

def stdin(value):
    main_value = value

Here's a terminal session with py3.py.

>>> import py3
>>> py3.stdout("Hello")
>>> py3.stdin(23)
>>> py3.stdout(py3.main_value)

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