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Shog9 quotes

The common goal here is not to create a big, warm, happy family of people who smile and pat each other on their respective backs each day. Rather, we are seeking to build collections of useful information. Much of the time, this can go hand in hand with some amount of mutual respect, appreciation and even warmth - but at times, those goals conflict: when someone posts something that detracts from that common goal, it must be either corrected or removed [...] If you want warmth, get away from your keyboard and go home to your family, get a dog, or invest in one of those saunas. With a bit of luck, the information we're collecting here will save you enough time during the day to let you enjoy those things.

be careful when you seek appreciation: I've closed far, far more questions on Stack Overflow than you, and not once have I ever been thanked for it. Called a Nazi? A pedantic jackass? A blockwart? Yes, in spades. But never thanked. If you're not doing it because you believe strongly that it is a good and right thing to be doing, you're going to find yourself unhappy regardless.

You want to know what the problem with Physics.SE is? Most of you don't want to be involved in the dirty, boring parts of running a site, but you'll cheerfully spend all damn day criticizing anyone who is willing to step up and do it.

Tired of lazy homework questions? Then close them. Tired of crackpots arguing endlessly? Down-vote them [...] If you don't have the time, guts or talent to do any of that, maybe stop spitting in the faces of the folks who do.

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