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The Awnry Bear

I've been working as a professional web developer since about 2004. Having no college education I began teaching myself software development around 1997, when I first started with C/C++. Although early on I dabbled in x86 assembly, Visual Basic, and ASP, my professional experience is currently with PHP and Java (along with the related web technologies such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript, jQuery, JSP/JSTL, and Spring).

I currently run my own software development company called Awnry Software, which produces the News & Weather app for Android™, provides freelance and consulting services to small businesses, and contributes to a number of open source projects, such as my jquery-picklist plugin.

Until very recently I was working as a "real-time Java Solutions Developer" at Acxiom Corporation, a leading "enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company." My team used Java and related technologies to build and maintain real-time solutions — specifically web-based apps and services — for the company's many clients. At the end of October 2013 I left the company to focus on my projects at Awnry Software; specifically the News & Weather app.

Still learning lots of new things everyday, I think the moment you believe you have nothing left to learn, you should probably go ahead and retire or find another discipline. I strive for best practices in whatever I do, but I'm also pragmatic when and where it's necessary.