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I started developing applications at the tender age of 12 while in school playing on an Apple IIc, since that time my life has taken some interesting turns. My first job landed me smack dab in the middle of jump off point of the internet. I learned Perl which was at the time the glue of the internet and began working for a publishing company helping launch sites such as calvinandhobbes.com, garfield.com and uexpress.com. I then ventured into the windows world developing applications for the health care industry while working at a company here in my home town. After growing board with the corporate world I pursued purely UNIX based C development and team leadership skills while working for a small wireless network company that managed a nation wide wireless network, while there I developed mysql extensions that took advantage of multi-cast networking to synchronize all the mysql nodes on the network. After watching that opportunity dissolve in front of my eyes I was given the chance to move back to the managed windows development world working on a project I still can't really talk about; I will say that I worked with C#, Linq and what at the time was the .NET hotness. Finally, having tried all of this stuff I mustered the courage to start my own venture focusing purely on the things that interest me the most: mobile apps and UNIX. Stupid luck would be an overarching theme in my time on earth, but just at that moment that I decided to venture out 2 platforms began to emerge that satisfied both my desires these are Android and iPhone. Now 3 years hence I continue to focus my day to day efforts working exclusively on these platforms and truly appreciating every moment.

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