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I am Miguel, a freelance software developer. I am not going to claim I am the best making software, but the following is 100% true:

  • I am goal oriented; I will have goals (always) and I will know whether I am going forward or wasting time.
  • I am a professional; I went to college, took classes, read books and graduated, but more importantly, I know what I am doing.
  • I have ethics; I have the honesty to say the things as they really happened and I have integrity to do the right thing even if no one see me.
  • I am a perfectionist; I will always have in mind a way to improve things.

I consider myself a competent experienced web developer. I have experience in several things but I am more into; Ruby & RoR, nodejs, angular and videogames development right now.

Find out more about me on Mechdeveloper.com.