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Windows application developer. Software Engineer. M.Sc.E.E. C++ (10 years), software engineering, .NET/C#/VB.NET (6 years), usability testing, Perl, scientific computing, Python, Windows/Macintosh/Linux, Z80 assembly.

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comment What exactly is the 'user' on a post_timeline?
"very rare" = 1.1% (I think). In the 2012-04 data dump, 1.1% of the posts on Stack Overflow (questions and answers, 101114 posts out of a total of 8800959) were missing OwnerUserId (which I presume always mean a user no longer exists/is deleted).
comment What is the syntax for specifying parameters?
I think this information should be in stackapps.com/questions/2/getting-started-with-the-api. That is where I looked first.
comment What is the syntax for specifying parameters?
Thanks. I think I was expecting a more RESTful API.