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Nowadays, professionally I'm mainly a Linux server admin (mostly SUSE - openSUSE and SLES) of Testing, Development and Production servers (both physical servers and virtual machines - usually VMware). So, I work regularly with VMware products, namely vSphere (ESXi 4.1 and vCenter Server 4.1).

My netbook runs Ubuntu and sometimes I "play" with Debian systems.

The coding that I do is mostly in Perl and "shell scripts" (for the "bash" shell) for automating system administration tasks in Linux servers. In "previous lives", I coded web applications in PHP for LAMP based projects and also in ASP ("Active Server Pages"), both "classic ASP" - ASP + VBScript - and ASP.Net - using C#

- RHCE - "Red Hat Certified Engineer"
- VCP - "VMware Certified Professional" ("VCP4" and "VCP5")