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Stuart Wakefield

I love creating and integrating technologies. I run my own technology business providing contract development and consultancy, in addition to building our own tech.

My typical approach to systems is designing a solution as a ecosystem of small composable services, i.e. "Micro services", using technologies that are right for the particular task.

I believe a strong team is a close-knit one that respects individual strengths and a passion for improvement and a strong workflow is one that channels natural drive end-to-end. Some good techniques and habits for allowing that:

A love and respect for your tools greatly increases your ability to develop successful software.

My current favourite tech stacks...

  • Scala: Mixes the best parts of FP with OOP.
  • Spray: When used with libraries such as JSON4S and with Akka as a foundation makes putting together highly concurrent ReST services a doddle.
  • Clojure: Great for real-time Isomorphic applications using ClojureScript and core.async.
  • NodeJS: Use with Browserify to create Isomorphic applications.
  • Python: Has a great set of libraries to create data analysis tools.
  • PHP: Used with Silex, quick and simple to put together web applications.