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Information Security Expert

In depth experience in banking / retail transaction technology, with focus on devices, multi-tier architecture, and security (PCI, ISO stds).

Long term software designer, with periodic stints in systems administration (Solaris, Linux) and infrastructure troubleshooting (Windows, Solaris, Linux).


Strategic Planning, Problem Solving, Change Management, IT Governance/Audit, Product Development, Infrastructure Hardening

Long term research:

  • Information Security policy: staff use, compliance, governance, legislation, privacy, and disclosure
  • trend analysis: IT corporate, office productivity software, mobility, encryption, and biometrics.
  • Mozilla Firefox (browser): development, end-user support, testing, and cross-platform (Windows, Linux)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (email), Mozilla Lightning (calendar): development, end-user support, testing, and cross-platform (Windows, Linux); libical / calsify library code; RFC 5545 (iCalendar) and RFC 5546 (iTIP) standards
  • Apache OpenOffice / LibreOffice, Open Document Format (ODF): development, end-user support, testing, and cross platform (Windows, Linux)

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