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Dev of many geeky passions...

  • Javascript (Vanilla, JQuery, Backbone, Node, HTML5 API's, currently studying canvas and some game engines.
  • HTML5/CSS3 (Obsessed with perfecting workflow and toolkits, tight with SASS/COMPASS and my basic apps are strapped with Zurb's Foundation which is AMAZING!
    IMHO, Zurb is one high quality crew if i've ever seen one! Props guys!
  • Fav sites are Stack, HTML5Rocks, Nettuts to name a few...Tuts+ especially rocks since it's the stomping grounds of guys like Jeff Way (whom I've never met but it feels like I owe him an incredible amount of gratitude for his tutorials and screencasts which helped me bridge the gap between being a 'designer-type' noob to having a theoretical and technical grasp on the messy system of web development today.

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