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Eduárd Moldován

From a professional point of view, I am always looking for great experiences on the world wide web. I love new technology, currently experimenting with a new PHP framework - YaF. Also, I love javascript. I intend to publish some of my jQuery plugins soon and my own framework, which is built upon ECMAscript 5 rules. I think I posess mastery of cross-browser HTML and CSS, good knowledge and understanding of JavaScript, I am comfortable working in a Unix environment. Also, I have a few years of mobile development expertise, including mobile-first webapps. HTML5 is one of my current highest interests, I would really like to actively use its features in my work.

As the man is concerned, I love my girlfriend, I love cooking and photography. And anything that is so simply beautiful. It might look that I am mostly a backend guy, but that is not the case at all. I love web, with all its ups and downs. I love native Javascript, abstract Javascript OOP, or a very simple PHP cronjob which logs financial transactions. Also, the speed of the web is one of my hobbies. Jacob Nielsen said that a ten second page load might be acceptable. I think one second should be the limit what we aim form.