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I am a student, currently studying Electrical & Information Engineering at Cambridge University.

My experience with software is quite broad, but I am still learning a lot of basics as I haven't been 'in the game' very long.

I started out programming Picaxes and moved onto 'proper' languages with VB6 and C#. I also had a little play with Java on the side to try that out. I have taken some small courses on Matlab and C++ at University and have had some time programming a PIC in C for a course project and using FreeRTOS for a University engineering society. I have experience in a large Perl project and some basic web develoment (HTML, Javascript, DOJO) through an internship. More recently I have tried my hand at android and Java for a side project and another internship. So all in all, a reasonably wide experience of languages but not much depth unfortunately.