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Athlete in Soul, Artist in Heart, Physicist specialising in Petroleum Engineering and Also Fascinated by Medical Engineering

My self-development is never ending: arts, fitness, social skills and so many others. I use Facebooks below as my timelines while the last page is more professional.

Henri's Training

Henri's Art, Photographing and Feelings about Love and Passion

I am always wanting to socialise with new curious minds wanting to learn more. If you are near, let's have tee and relax. I love social athletic activities and yoga! I sometimes feel that I have learnt during kayaking trips, relaxing and just by deep thinking more than just by listening lectures. I am proactive learner and I am always fascinated about active social media personalities sharing their knowledge. There is something very fascinating in people keeping almost childish lust to understand life deeper.

Thank you for reading and it is totally fine to be a bit childish when you contact me. Creativity is contagious and so inspiring! Let's keep learning like children open and fascinated like hiding cookies from your siblings :)


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