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I currently work as Game Developer in Huuuge Games.

I am also available for direct code mentoring help on codementor.

I am proficient in a quite a number of programming languages, but the ones I like the most are:

  • Haskell - which is a compiled, functional, pure language with strict static typing.
  • Lua - very small, fast and versatile interpreted dynamic language

The ones that I don't use a lot, but like nevertheless, are Prolog, Brainfuck, Idris and Terra. If you don't know them, you just might find them interesting.

I also spend a considerable amount of my time drawing stuff on the computer screen with code.

I have a quite active GitHub account with a lot of Open Source contributions. I can be found at The Lounge, and according to it, I'm a terrible person.


All opinions stated in my comments and answers are my own and are not connected to my employer's.

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