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Recently I received my Master of Science in Software Engineering and have a bachelors in Business Information Systems and Decision Systems.

I have developed many open source based application over the years and have become most proficient in C++ and JavaScript. I prefer working in Linux with the core Ubuntu flavor.

I enjoy traveling with my wife around the world. Scuba diving is one of my favorite activities along with Frisbee Golf. I love the outdoors just as much as my geeky passions for technology.

Specialties: Software Architecture • Application Design • User Interface Design • Object Oriented Design • Node.js • MongoDB • Data Modeling • Database Design

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comment so++ - C++ Library
Don't know much yet about the stack API but I noticed it says v1 is obsolete and this was made before v2 release. Is it still usable. I wanted to use for a blackberry playbook app. This would be perfect for me to practice with if so.
comment Stack Mobile - View Stack Exchange Sites on Your Smart Phone or Tablet
Working great on my playbook so far.
comment Stack Remote - Free Android app dedicated towards Stack Exchange sites!
Are you gonna run this app through the blackberry-android port. I would love to get this on my PlayBook.
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