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Is this app still working? I installed pidgin, added my gtalk account and included in the contact list, then I started following the [java] tag, but I'm not getting any alerts even if new java questions are asked. Am I missing anything?


StackGuru is great, I was looking for something like this for months. Still the limitation of 10 tags pe user is far too small, probably I would be interested to have a limit of 100 tags or over. I know that I could install my own instance, but this would take too much time.


Multiple domains? Is it possible to follow multiple domains from one client? I find that would be a useful feature.


I am not sure if this is a bug with Google Talk but I keep getting messages from stackguru in my inbox while I am offline. Instead I would prefer to get them via the chat client when I became available. Does anyone knows how to tune this? PS. I do not want to disable my chat history because this is very useful feature.

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